My Advice to New Bloggers

I’ve received a bunch of emails lately from new bloggers looking to tackle a site for themselves, which is awesome!  Given that most people have similar questions when starting out, I’ve come up with the following advice letter that I send back.  That way they at least get the basics answered in advance while they come up with specific questions.  Here is my new blogger advice letter for anyone out there that may not want to email me directly:


Here are my first tips, but let me know if you have any specific questions!

  1. COMMENT.  I used to comment on 10-30 blogs a week in the personal finance niche and am trying to pick up the habit again.
  2. Commenting is followed closely by guest posting.
  3. Post regularly.  Blogs grow faster when there is material flowing.  I’d suggest a minimum of 3 times a week for fast growth – I post daily at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and post about once a week at How I Make Money Blogging.  BFS grew way faster.
  4. Blog carnivals are great for link love but won’t bring a ton of new readers.  Link love is VERY important though so I highly suggest them as well.
  5. Join a forum.  Being a member of the Yakezie blogging group was amazing.
  6. Don’t be in this for the money.  Have fun with it.
  7. Read the successful blogs in your niche.

Here are a few posts I’ve done about blogging at BFS and CCT and I also started a whole blog about it at

Good luck!

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6 comments to My Advice to New Bloggers

  • Crystal, excellent starter post here! Yes commenting on others blogs is a great way to build exposure and your community – as long as its genuine :)

    And guest posting is also a great way to build traffic. Guest posting is also a bonus for the big-time bloggers as well, since they usually have far too much going on to keep up a regular writing schedule, so it helps them out as well.

    The Dividend Ninja

  • Those are great suggestions. I am currently doing all of this for Former Banker.

    I’m an internet marketer who uses blogs as a platform but not a blogger per se (well at least not yet). Getting a new blog off the ground is pretty challenging!

  • [...] start doing a few of them every day. Crystal has some good posts on her blogging business as well, here and here (she and her husband both quit their day jobs to blog full-time, and this post was partly [...]

  • Thanks for the tips! I recently started my own personal finance blog at, and am continually looking for ways to promote it. Thanks again!

  • Great advice thanks. You are definitely right about the money. I did want to make money from blogging, but that is a side goal. I mainly love writing so it makes the lack of income tolerable, although still not ideal.
    I will be using these tips and others from your sites to help me along.

  • Jake

    Hey Crystal,
    I just came across this blog from your guest post. I’ve been kicking around the idea of blogging for a little while, and was wondering about your story on how you started blogging (commenters, feel free to chime in as well)? I understand the “what to do to gain exposure” part of it, but how did you start? I have a passion for personal finance, have counseled a handful of friends/co-workers on budgeting and general money management, and also work part time as a licensed tax professional. When someone asks me a question about personal finance or tax, it’s never shorter than a 30-minute conversation full of passion and inspiration on my part, and thankful recipients of advice on their part :). Just wondering how to start putting that out in a public format (such as a blog).

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!


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