When Life Gives You Lemons, Diversify

Google hurt me.  Well, technically, Google decided to take a poop on a bunch of bloggers’ and advertisers’ Page Ranks, so now advertisers are gun shy.  But since I run a blog advertising business, Google hurt me.  April has been our lowest income month since the business took off last year.  We aren’t in any danger of failing as of right now, but the next few months may be tight…

So, as I would suggest to anyone, I took a close look at my roots and decided to diversify our income a little again.  :-)

Gourmet Commenting Service

Having said all of that, I am now offering my own commenting with Twitter service for $3 per comment.  For anyone who hasn’t looked into this type of service before, $3 per comment is high.  I am carrying through on the higher cost by adding other value as well.  BUT, do not splurge on me if your other priorities aren’t in order – I am fully admitting that I am a higher investment than necessary, but I hope to pay off well for anyone who tries me out.

This $3 covers reading the entire post that I will be commenting on, leaving 2 sentences or more of my take on the post (my normal kind of comments), and emailing the blog owner if I see that my comment gets caught in spam (happens all of the time now).  I will also be keeping up a record for you of where the comments are posted AND Tweeting one of your own blog’s posts from my account weekly – that’s a little more than 1300 followers as of April 24, 2012 – you can choose the post you’d like Tweeted each week (as long as it isn’t spammy and I’ll even add a comment about it if I can fit it in).

Every single comment would have Crystal @ YourBlogName, either my email or the one of your choosing (my email would show my logo when avatars are shown), and your blog’s URL.  I will email you a weekly/monthly list (your choice) of where the comments were left.  You can send me a list of the blogs that you would like me to comment on or I can create a list of my own – again, your choice.

EVERY COMMENT I AM HIRED TO LEAVE WOULD BE FROM ME.  This is not an outsourced business venture.  100% Crystal.  Not even Mr. BFS will be helping with this.


I can only fit in enough time to leave 100 comments per week total right now, so please email me with the number of comments you have in mind per week (1-100).  No minimum order is required.  When those 100 spots are claimed, I will still keep a list of anyone else who is interested in case spots open up or I am able to carve out time to fit in more per week.  If the waiting list gets crazy long, I will stop advertising my services until it is reasonable again.

Right now, 25 spots are filled.

My aim is to keep this organized and everyone completely happy.  So you may see me all around the blogosphere with a ton of blog names right behind mine.  Please don’t be confused – it’s still all me.  Please check out the sites I’ll be linking to if they interest you at all – I am truly thankful for the bloggers that are investing in me.  I am really looking forward to this (in fact, I’ve already started).

Twitter Followers

For all of my Twitter followers, do not worry.  I will not spam you with crappy post announcements.  I am only being hired by awesome bloggers, so these would be posts that I would happily promote anyway.  :-)  You will not be sad.

How do you diversify?

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5 comments to When Life Gives You Lemons, Diversify

  • Glad you posted this, I’ve wondered about what happened to you after all the changes. Looks like you’re doing well at adapting. I have a feeling it will get better. Good luck!!

  • sometimes, I truly hate google!

    I’m glad I was already in the process of diversification prior to the “PR Slap”. While income has decreased a little, I’m counting on my new eBook and newsletter to compensate. I hope I’m right!

    Good luck with the commenting service!

  • @Nell, thank you!

    @TFB, good luck with the ebook and newsletter. :-)

  • All the best with the commenting gig. My only worry is that if you are doing the work it is not scalable. However one positive is you get to get out there and read a whole bunch of interesting blogs while getting paid. You may want to consider putting up a gig on Fiver (2 manual comments on PR3-PR4 websites). Not a bad gig. Anyway sorry to hear Google hurt you they seem to be doing that to everyone lately cheers buddy.

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