Still Hustling

I went self-employed in July 2011 and have been working online ever since.  But online blog advertising, especially direct ads like the ones I work on placing, have slowed in the last 2 years.  What does a lady do when her main business slows down?  She either tries to save it and grow it, or she starts a second business.  I’m trying to do both.

With the online business, I attempt to keep up with all of my emails Monday-Friday.  I also continue to try to post every day on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, get a weekly newsletter up every Friday, and stay on top of my commenting for hire.

In the “real” world, I started Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting in February 2014.  I now pet sit nearly every day and bring in about $1500 a month from it (some months are around $500 and one has been as high as $3100).

I still make more money online than through pet sitting or with rental income, but diversification is what keeps me self-employed.  :-)

How have you been doing?

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