September 2011 Self-Employment Income and Expenses

Since this blog is all about How I Make Money Blogging, I will be breaking down the past month’s online income and expenses at the beginning of each new month from here on out. You can see my traffic stats for my main blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, at the beginning of every month too. So here we go!

September 2011 Income Breakdown:

BEST MONTH EVER!!! Please keep in mind that I had been working in a professional position with my very own cubicle from June 2005 to July 2011 for $35,000 a year (less than $3000 a month).

As you can see, I do have multiple income streams but I am severely lacking in regards to passive income. I still need to write the eBook whose idea actually inspired the creation of this blog. I also hope that my Budgeting in the Fun Stuff newsletter helps me promote affiliates I actually like.

September 2011 Expenses

  • Outsourcing: $140
  • Paypal: $714.68
  • Empire Expansion: $757.67
  • Scribe SEO software: $27.00
  • Love Drop: $20.00
  • Yakezie:  $85.00
  • My Newsletter Monthly Giveaway: $25.00
  • TOTAL: $1769.35 (about 14%)

I am now outsourcing my social media, my BFS newsletter, blog carnival submissions, niche site development for 6 new niche sites, my backups and back end work, and sponsored posts, so my expenses will probably stay around this general level. I am trying to keep my overall spending to less than 15% of what I bring in for right now just to help me feel comfortable. I hope the niche sites and the blogs I buy in order to expand end up making me some money in the long run since they cost me a bunch right off the bat.  :-)

September 2011 Net Income = $10,843.88

Please keep in mind a third of that is being put away for taxes.  BUT WOOT!!!  September is apparently always the best month for advertising income, so I am just aiming for $5000 a month from here on out. 

Any recommendations, questions, comments, or anything?

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10 comments to September 2011 Self-Employment Income and Expenses

  • “Empire Expansion” I love it! I actually made my first money on one of my niche sites this month so I am super excited about the possibilities going forward. I now have 3 niche sites and 1 main site. My main question is, what sort of tasks are you outsourcing. For example, for Twitter, are you outsourcing RTs, replies, or the entire she-bang?

    I currently have my sister as my first employee and since she’s seen the income potential, she’s actually coming on as a partner in a month once she gets her last check from me. So I am looking to outsource more, but I’m such a control freak! lol So far, she is just backlinking and commenting for one of the sites. Things are starting to get overwhelming so I need that for all of my sites. How do you do it?

  • That is impressive income. I’m going to be contacting you for some outsourcing advice since I will be expanding my empire as well.

  • Whoot! Whoot! Keeping it diverse it a good practice.

  • Nice!! Crystal, I totally admire your work! And it was fantastic to meet you this weekend. Rock on!

  • Recommendations? Keep dominating! You’re my hero, and I’m so glad I got to meet you at FINCON.

  • FMF

    Crystal –

    Is there any way you could break out the ad amount by type of ad? I’d be interested to see that.

  • That’s quite impressive! congrats on beating me ;-)

    Quick question: how can you negotiate for 30K + worth of ads in a month (considering your cut on the ad negotiation profit of $7292)? you must be dealing with tons of advertisers, right? I’m definitely impressed by this side of your business! congrats!

  • @FSYA, I gave a rundown of my outsourcing at I outsource all of my social media and only retweet a few posts myself each week and answer any direct messages or tweets meant specifically for me. Jesse does everything else.

    I only back link to my sites in staff posts and comment from BFS. The rest of my sites are left to fend for themselves basically, which is fine since they aren’t really my babies and I can market them through the same contacts I have for BFS. :-)

    @Andy, look forward to it!

    @Molly, sadly, to grow my advertising business, I am actually cutting back on diversification. But overall, the bottom line is going up (and I do have an emergency fund just for my income), so it has been worth the risk. :-)

    @Paula, it was great to meet you too!

    @Briana, it was fun to meet you too!

    @FMF, I emailed you that data by ad type. For everyone else, I don’t post per ad data publically simply since I have no idea if I would be ticking any advertisers off and just like to play it safe. :-)

    @TFB, thanks but it was only by a smidgeon!

    It was around $30k total but it was 95 different deals with 20ish advertisers and encompassed about 2/3rd of my clients (40-ish of the 60 I had last month). But I also put in about 6 hours each weekday just for answering emails, negotiating deals, and distributing campaign posts or links and cash. I then spend another 4-6 hours each weekday and some weekends on my own blogs, all other emails, and staff writing.

    Now that I have 75 clients as of October, it is even easier to close a ton of deals and then refer my entire client list to successful advertisers.

  • thx for the additional details! whoa, that’s a lot of hours ;-)

    Are you doing monthly deals or going for longer term (3 months, 6 months or 12 months?). I’ve found that most advertisers like long term deal. How do you deal them with your client? I mean, what if a blogger stop blogging in 3 months and has a 12 months deal? do you have any arrangement with them?

  • That is a great salary, but I’m sure you are earning every last penny! I’m very interested in making money on my blog..but I’m really not a fan of too much advertising. Any suggestions?


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