Saving Money on Sweets…And Healthy Stuff…

I love chocolate.  And Twizzlers.  And gummy bears.  Let’s just summarize it, I love candy.  But, I refuse to spend a ton of money funding a habit that is bad for me anyway.  Especially since self-employment means that I am around my kitchen A LOT.  So, I save as many ways as possible.

Stacking Discounts

My favorite savings time for sweets just passed – Valentine’s Day.  But another one is around the corner – Mother’s Day.  If you wait for the day-after sales for holidays like those at places like Walgreens, you can have your fix without breaking your budget.

So, first you target your post-holiday binge time.  Then you hunt for a general coupon to use too.  For example, there is a Walgreens area at Groupon Coupons.  The day I wrote this post, there was a 20% off general coupon available.

If there isn’t an easy to find online coupon, think about joining a company mailing list.  I have an email I just use for promotions and stuff like this.  I then sign up to be spammed on purpose by places like CVS and Walgreens.  Then I print off the coupons or use my smart phone to claim the deals I want to use when they arrive in my inbox.

Overall, I can end up getting about 20% off of candy that is already discounted 50%-75%.  It ends up allowing me to stock up from holiday to holiday with things like large $3 boxes of chocolates and bags of other candy for as little at 25 cents.

Useful on Healthy Stuff Too

I also use coupons and specials at the same time to stock up on our health-related items in this way.  For example, my husband is supposed to use a fancy toothpaste and mouth wash by a company called Close-Sys.  Using coupons for 20%-30% off when we can find them literally saves us $100+ a year.

Do you have a way to save on your sweets or other vices?  How about your pricey health care stuff?

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