Networking is Everything

A blog or business of any sort cannot grow on an island of its own.  If you don’t enjoy making connections, getting to know people, and building a reputation with others, please do not pursue blogging or blogging services as your career.  Trust me, it won’t work out well.

The Email Part of My Day

Most of my day is spent with emailing others.  I am either replying to advertisers, updating clients, working with others to get a specific project accomplished, or answering questions.  When I say “most of my day”, I mean that from 8am to noon and for a couple of hours of my evening, I am simply replying to emails in one way or another.  The other 4 hours of my work day are split between writing blog posts, doing freelance tasks, completing the myriad of little blog maintenance tasks, and checking out updates on Yakezie.  In short, networking is everything.

When I first started, I checked my email every 10 minutes all day long just hoping that someone wrote me.  Now I get at least an email every 5 minutes on average.  Usually it’s 15-20 minutes with no emails and then 5 at once…

This is not me complaining.  I actually don’t mind 99% of the emails I receive.  Only a few advertisers end up annoying me every month.  Most of the time, I am just as excited as I was a year ago to receive a message at all.  :-)

Why So Many Emails

The reason that I don’t mind spending most of my day in Gmail is that I have made friends, my blogs grow, and I make money because of it.  Without my blogging buddies, I would not be able to stay sane enough to continue.  Without answering questions, I cannot connect with my readers.  Without answering advertisers, I cannot make deals.  Communication is the key to building your brand and developing a great reputation.

So, if you do want to really get into blogging or growing an online business, get your fingers ready to hit “Reply” and “Compose” a whole heck of a lot!  :-)

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