My Trick to Posting Daily – Schedule Ahead

As you may be able to tell, I do not post daily here yet.  I sadly do not have the time to fully fill up two posting schedules and keep up with my staff writing, but I do plan to handle that problem when I start working from home.  But I have posted every single day for almost 18 months at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

When I first started, I posted daily because I had so much I wanted to talk about.  Once I made my way through that initial gush of ideas, I still wanted to keep up the momentum.  The trick to daily posting is to stay ahead – schedule posts in advance so you have a little breathing room.

Posting Daily

Scheduling posts ahead is much easier than it sounds.  In the beginning while I was building up my blog, it just meant writing two or more posts a day.  I wasn’t very busy and blogging was a fun, new hobby, so I would find myself scheduled ahead by 3 weeks or more.  Once online work started picking up, I actually had to get serious about it or I would lose my padding.

That is when I started my new rule, always have at least 5 posts lined up no matter what.  If I wake up in the morning and have less than 5 posts in my queue, I don’t allow myself to do anything else online until that problem is solved.  That is very motivating since I always want to check every email I’ve received.  Thankfully I rarely allow it to get to that point.  If my queue is diminishing, I usually spend a weekend day catching up and then some so I will not have to worry about it immediately.

Playing Catch Up

Here is how I catch up and post ahead:

1.  Brainstorm for 1 hour each month.  Every month or so, I simply sit down with a pad of paper and a pen at my kitchen table.  I then spend up to an hour simply writing down every single topic that comes to mind.  I write down everything – even silly ideas that may never amount to anything. 

2.  Edit the list.  When I am done brainstorming, I usually have a list of 50 or more topics.  Out of those, 25-35 are usually useable and about 10 of them get me excited enough to start writing right then.

3.  Set aside time to write.  If I don’t feel like writing for a few days, I force myself to schedule a sit down time and type up something.  Those posts usually start out forced (like this one), but end up with me typing as fast as possible to keep up with what’s coming out of my brain.  I then go back when I am done and clean up the beginning.  It’s like a forced jump start.  For some reason, that works for me.

There have been a few times where all of the willpower in the world can’t force me to write.  That is usually when my padding gets dangerously low and I scare myself into action.  I have no idea what I will do if that inner push ever goes away.

How do you get yourself to write?  Do you schedule your posts days ahead?

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12 comments to My Trick to Posting Daily – Schedule Ahead

  • I’ve been trying to get a month ahead. Right now I’m about three weeks or so ahead. When I get something that I want to post immediately, I’ll shuffle things around. If I can get to the month ahead goal, then I will start guest posting more on other sites and looking to hang my shingle as a staff writer, but so far that one-month cushion hasn’t materialized to my satisfaction.

    I also like the posting ahead of schedule because there are some days where I just don’t feel like blogging, and when those days hit, I don’t have to worry that I’m going to miss days if I’ve done my work accordingly.

  • What’s wrong with you people? :)

    I’m happy if I have one post ahead. Sadly, that almost never happens.

    I have no idea how anybody can write daily. I just can’t come up with the volume of good ideas. Good for you guys who find a way to do it.

  • What are you talking about? I write and post immediately. If I can even think of something to write, it is a major victory. I will be trying to write a few posts ahead on my main blog if possible. I want to be able to get about 10-15 posts per month. No way I could do daily posting.

  • I try to just make myself write, but I’ve considered scheduling ahead. I do schedule ahead when writing for others though.

  • I really need to get some things scheduled ahead. I’d like to post more than I do.

    Does everyone agree that daily posting is a good goal to have? I can’t decide what I want my posting frequency to be.

  • @Money Beagle, yeah, I do the post shuffle a lot too. Good luck with your 1 month goal!!! I used to be there and then I started staff writing 10-12 posts a week…

    @Financial Uproar, I write 2-3 posts in spurts, so I only end up writing daily because of staff writing. :-)

    @kidgas, LOL, to each their own. :-)

    @20 and Engaged, me too.

    @Julie, good luck. I think having at least 2-3 days of posts ahead relieves a bunch of stress.

  • I really like that idea of having 5 things lined up ahead of time and not doing anything else until you finish it. That is good advice for lots of different things, not just blogging :)

  • I schedule some of my posts in advance, but sometimes I feel like I am stuck in some sort of blog “paperwork”. Tonight it was working on my “gamma” application. The other night, I organized all the Yakezie sites and sites for the Personal Finance Conference in alphabetical order in tabs so that I could open them with some sense of order to comment.

  • I try to post ahead, but it doesnt always work out as planned. When I started I would just post right away, and now I’ve got about 3 posts ahead of schedule, which is a week for me.

  • @Chelle, it is good advice for a lot of situations – sometimes I am not as strict as I should be though.

    @Super Frugalette, I know the feeling. Sometimes I just have to make myself put down the lists and start writing. I caught myself procrastinating the other day by making a list of people I want to meet at the Blogger Conference…

    @Jeff, nothing works perfectly all the time. Some days just happen and you do the best you can. I had a ton of work today at my day job (they loaded me up when they found out I was leaving), so BFS is not a week ahead…it only has posts until Friday and a guest post scheduled next week.

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  • Good advice, I’m trying to follow it. But since I’m not really making money blogging I am content with having three posts waiting to be published.

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