My New Boss Was Being a Slave Driver

I’ve been officially self-employed for almost a month now, woot!  But I am working more hours than ever.  Oops.  No worries, the great thing about being the boss is that I can make executive decisions like when not to work.

With this in mind, I have decided to stop trying to work in a set schedule.  Instead, there are certain things that need to be accomplished every week, and I simply need to do them whenever I can.  This new mindset has led to a bit of extra flexibility that allows me to sleep, eat, and hang out with friends and family without taking my laptop along.

Here are the most important tasks of each week:

  • Keep posting daily at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.
  • Check and reply to all advertising emails for myself and others at least twice a day.
  • Check and reply to the rest of my email daily.
  • Keep up with my staff posting schedule.
  • Check Yakezie threads daily.
  • Complete all freelancing tasks.

Here are the secondary tasks that I should try to accomplish:

  • Post here at How I Make Money Blogging at least twice a week.
  • Update my Weight Watcher’s goal at Crystal Clear Thoughts at least once a week.
  • Comment on at least 5 blogs a day.
  • Update my sites regularly.
  • Start working on my eBook again.

I consider it a good week if I complete everything in the first group and a great week if I get to stuff in the second group as well.  Until a few of my freelancing jobs are complete, I probably will not be able to pull off both groups of to-do lists every week, but that is okay.  I will take a deep breath, handle what I need to get done, and move on with my life.  We’ll see what happens.  :-)

How are your to-do lists looking?

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3 comments to My New Boss Was Being a Slave Driver

  • I got a fair amount accomplished today. Not as much as I would have liked, but still a decent day overall. Maybe I can get a little more done before bedtime.

  • Annette

    I made several to-do lists in last two weeks. I have accomplished loads of things since, but very few of them were on the the lists. Try, try again I guess. Keep tweaking. When I was really into gaming, running this guild, I was sort doing stuff like going to the bathroom to check its status; that’s when I knew I had to quit. Cool, you have something like that you do for a living. Is your eBook online? How do you do an eBook. I thought about writing one for my Kindle. Write up one of my favorite stories then sell it for like nothing just to see if anyone would read it (and if they did, maybe a sequel for 2x as much, lol). Also, thought about writing a family biography. Good luck. Happy blogging.

  • @kidgas, I get a ton done between 10pm-11pm since I dig in before going to sleep, lol.

    @Annette, I haven’t finished my eBook yet. I just started working on it last month and then I started working full time from home and haven’t touched it since…bad Crystal. :-)

    A family biography could be good. :-)

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