My First Two Weeks of Self-Employment

So it has been nearly two weeks of self-employment and I am loving it!  I actually haven’t been able to stay on a real schedule for a variety of self-imposed reasons, but I am keeping up with all of my work and am having fun.  I will be working out a schedule soon though or my brain might self-implode.

Volunteer Time

My new life has been including more me time finally.  Not a lot more, but some.  I started volunteering as a substitute driver for Meals on Wheels last week and have already driven two routes.  I hate driving and this position does not include enough socializing in my opinion, so I am looking into other volunteer programs right now, but I will stay on their call sheet until I find a better fit.   Any volunteer work feels better than no volunteer work.  It is so good to have the time to help again.  I know it sounds weird, but volunteering makes me feel better about myself AND others.  It’s like proof that my optimistic view of the world isn’t complete bull despite some of the stuff that happens every day…

Personal Time

I have also hung out with friends and family a tiny bit more.  Just yesterday, I took off for 4 hours during the day to hang out with one of my friends that I haven’t gotten to see as much since I started really going after blogging full time.  I saw the movie “Auntie Mame” for the first time and really liked it!

Work Schedule

Other than fitting in a tiny bit more personal time, I still am working way more than I probably should.  I started a new job as a paid commenter and networker.  I also have 6 more advertising clients.  I thought I would stop accepting new clients soon, but I have figured out that I want my self-employed future to center around ad management and pure blogging, so I will not be scaling back there.  If I have to cut anything, I will be starting with everything but that. 

New Goal

This means that I finally have another target to aim for, woot!  I want to be able to blog full time and run advertising for tons of people, all within 40 hours a week.  :-)

If I ever hit that target, we’ll work down the hours from there.  But for now, 40 hours a week would be an improvement and I am not making enough through ad management and blogging to give up paid commenting or staff writing yet.  If any of my staff writing bosses are reading this, it’s me, not you.  Your blogs are amazing – I just want to write for just my own eventually.  But we are talking years down the road, so don’t leave me.  :-)

Long post short, I am having a great time with self-employment.  I haven’t had a hard time getting out of bed yet, but we will see what happens when my husband goes back to his school library towards mid-August…

How have you all been?  Anything big that I’ve missed?  

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