My Big Push Schedule

Let me start off by saying that the schedule I am talking about below is ONLY useful in small increments and WILL LEAD TO BURNOUT if you try to make it into a normal thing.  I only got this busy within the last 4-6 weeks and will only push myself this hard until I quit my day job in September. 

My Routine

That said, a few of you have jokingly asked how the heck I seem to be everywhere at once.  Then MD at Studenomics asked me if I thought I’d work more hours when I start working for myself.   Here was my reply and how I am pulling off my current online work:

I am not kidding or joking around at all, it isn’t possible to work more hours than I am working now. I literally wake up at 6:45am, turn on my phone, get ready for work, answer blog emails, go to work, fit in blogging between waves of “real” work, answer more emails on breaks or at lunch, finish at work, drive home and read short emails at the very long stop lights, get home, change, hug my husband, scratch my dogs behind their ears, sit down, read Yakezie threads and reply for an hour, eat dinner for 20-30 minutes with my husband (he cooks), settle on the coach or upstairs and answer the rest of my blog emails, write if I can, update all of my checklists and Excel sheets, check Yakezie again, and pass out around 11:30pm. Sometimes I put the comp down for an extra half hour if my husband and I haven’t talked for a while. That is my current Monday-Friday. I usually catch up with my writing for 4 hours on Saturday and another 4-6 hours on Sunday (I post daily at BFS, write 8-10 staff writing posts a week, am trying to work on an eBook, and just started another site:

My very supportive husband is equating this 4-5 month period with the 2-3 months he had when he was finishing his master’s degree (he worked during the day and completed his master’s projects and thesis at night).

So no, I think I will actually be able to reclaim a few hours a day again when I start working for myself.  :-)

Do I mess around at work sometimes and start talking for more than an hour to a coworker about nothing important at all?  Yes.  Do I multi-task at home?  Yes.  I even wrote yesterday’s post while my husband and I were re-watching the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation and I commented on how polite and forgiving everyone in the future is. 

We then had a fun debate over who was going to determine my work from home salary…it got pretty silly actually…he thinks I will be underpaying myself.  By a lot.  At one point he was laughing and said “You’ll just keep paying yourself $2000 a month and let that blog income account reach $400,000 ‘just in case I have a bad month’”.  Yep, he’s probably right…  :-)

What Works for You?

The routine I mentioned above is simply how my general day breaks down normally.  It sounds like a lot, and it probably is pretty hectic when you look at it like that, but I am having a lot of fun.  I have referred to myself to my blogging forum as a “perky puppy that will wear itself out and start over again the next day”…I think that pretty much is exactly how I feel right now.  Woot for a job I love!

Okay, feel free to call me nuts now.  What works for you?  How do you fit your “real” life and virtual life into the same day?

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13 comments to My Big Push Schedule

  • I try to spend time blogging in the morning. Lately, I have been getting up at 4:45 to write or blog comment for an hour or so before getting ready and leaving for work. Then I do a little in the evenings as much as possible.

  • @kidgas, holy schnikes…4:45am doesn’t even exist in my world, lol. :-)

  • Since I’m free for the day, lately I’ve been woken up by Frankie at 7am on the dot, come downstairs, check e-mails, respond to comments, and try to write as much I can. I’m hoping to be more specific this month (and looking forward) so I can be more focused and on task. At the moment, I have spurts of writing energy, and days where the last thing I want to do is write something.

  • That is impressive. You spend more time working not even counting your regular job than I spend working total. I got to stop being lazy and step up my online income efforts.

  • @20 and Engaged, I have spurts of writing energy too. That’s probably why I only get 1-3 posts written Monday-Friday when my brain is tired…then by Saturday and Sunday, I’ve procrastinated so long that I have no choice but to write for 8-10 hours on the weekend, lol.

    @Andy, don’t feel like you have to work more on my account – I will be cutting back to 40-50 hours a week total as soon as I give up my day job. :-)

  • MD

    With my age and lifestyle, my blogging schedule is completely random. I try to spend as much time as possible on blog related work. I respond to emails/comments from my BB at all times. I write posts whenever I can. It’s just completely random.

  • @MD, whatever works, right?

  • I wonder about one thing which is about persoanl fitness as that is soemthing I fear the most with this kind of punishing schedule.
    Probably a year ago there were reports of Om Malik or Gigaom having a major heart attack and also of an another major blogger having health issues.
    Not to scare anyone however it is important to have a fitness schedule built in.

    I have a gym at my office and four days a week I use that to keep fit and also it gives me time to rethink a lot of stuff.

  • I am beyond impressed. You do have such an large online presence, I can only imagine what you’ll be capable of once you start blogging (more than now) full time.

  • @John, I didn’t work out before this schedule but fit in walking and swimming once in a while now. I seem to get less lazy the more busy I am. :-)

    @Niki, awww, thanks! I really hope I keep up my momentum when I am doing this full time!

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  • I agree talking care of your health needs to stay in the forfront of your life.

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