Mondays Still Suck

You would think that you’d have so much flexibility when you are self-employed that weekends would lose their luster or that Mondays would be all rainbows and butterflies.

Nope.  At least, that is not how it is for me.

My Natural Schedule

Since I now make a huge part of my monthly income from running the advertising for more than 40 blogs, I spend most of an average work day answering emails from advertisers and working on the details of deals.  The advertisers seem to be online mostly during regular business hours (or the middle of the night if they are on the other side of the world).  That means that although I could technically do my job and answer those emails anytime, it is best for everyone involved if I keep regular hours.  That said, I seem to have fallen into an 8:30am to 5pm and 10pm to 1am schedule quite naturally.

That schedule means that I still love Fridays-Sundays more than any other days of the week.  I also still think that Mondays suck.


Mondays are usually my busiest, craziest days because people use their weekends to think and catch up.  That means that I get a ton of emails at once and most of them need to be answered as quickly as possible.  I don’t usually mind much since a crappy self-employed Monday is still a billion times better than a cubicle job Monday, but I just thought that any of my readers thinking about the joys of self-employment should note that while you do get to make your own schedule, the kind of job you choose to do may determine the schedule more than you do.

Other Things I Have Noticed

Here are a few other things that didn’t turn out as expected:

  • I work less on the weekends now.  I thought that I’d continue sapping up weekend time with blogging, but I actually have scaled back from working about 15 hours on Saturday and Sunday to only putting in about 5-8 hours of writing time for staff writing.  I have loved this change.
  • I have become more focused on specific projects.  Instead of “having the time” to do a lot of different things, I have gotten very focused on just a few tasks – managing advertising and writing.  I rarely have much time to read and comment on other blogs anymore, so I only fit that in about twice a week.  I have outsourced my social media so I don’t have to spend much time on that.  I am slowly trimming down my self-employed life to solely concentrate on advertising and blogging on BFS and here.
  • I don’t go to bed with my husband as often.  I thought for sure that I’d naturally shift to his schedule when I had that kind of flexibility, but now we talk before bed and I go off to write posts like this and he’s out like a light by the time I slide into bed.  He also wakes up around 6am and I stay in bed until about 8:30am.

If you are self-employed, what sort of expectations have you blown out of the water?

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2 comments to Mondays Still Suck

  • I think it’s awesome that your getting into your own groove and working out a schedule to what works best for you. And thank you so much for your hard work on the advertising end! It’s terrific that you’re turning into your own blogging empire. ;)

  • @Little House, thank you and thank you for trusting me with your advertising! I hope advertisers have a better budget this month!

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