July 2011 Online Income Breakdown

July was such an amazing month!  This blog has started to take off, my husband and I took our big annual vacation, I quit my day job, and it has been the best online income month of my life!!!  Thank you all for reading and for all of the support!  Your comments and emails push me everyday!

Since this blog is all about How I Make Money Blogging, I will be breaking down the past month’s online income at the beginning of each new month.  You can see my traffic stats for my main blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, at the beginning of every month over there.  So here we go!

July 2011 Income Breakdown:

  • Homepage Ads:  $2620
  • Sponsored Posts:  $1415
  • Writing (Staff Writing and Ghost Writing):  $545
  • Freelance Online Tasks:  $485
  • Ad Negotiations for Other Sites:  $1592.50
  • TOTAL:  $7007.50

First of all, HOLY MOLY!!!  WHOO-HOO!!!  HECK YEAH!!!

Okay, now I am putting that aside and acting as if it is completely expected…  ;-)

As you can see, I do have multiple income streams but I am severely lacking in regards to passive income.  Even though I work from home now, I’m still putting in at least 60 hours a week.  That is probably not sustainable long term.  I think I could happily pull it off for a few years and then I may just drop dead typing… 

This tells me that I need to dig in a bit more.  I need to write the eBook whose idea actually inspired the creation of this blog.  I also should probably start concentrating on affiliate income a bit more, although I do tend to appreciate direct ads way more.  Time to learn something new and take my medicine, lol.

Okay, just one more time, *DOING THE HAPPY DANCE*, *DOING THE HAPPY DANCE*.  Okay, I’m good.  :-)

Any recommendations, questions, comments, or anything?

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21 comments to July 2011 Online Income Breakdown

  • Wow! Amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the homepage ads? Also, I know you have a niche site. Has that pulled in any income as passive income?

  • What are your sources for paid posts, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • I’ve seen a pretty big slowdown the past couple of weeks in terms of potential advertising. June and the first half of July were hopping but it’s been like crickets the past couple of weeks. Hoping it’s just summer vacations and that it picks back up soon!

  • Wow, congratulations!

  • @Mom’s Plans, I don’t have any ads here, but the homepage ads that I am referring to are at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. This month I was able to market for Adaptu, Provident Personal Credit, and Your Cover Insurance. All About Life Insurance and Crystal Clear Thoughts sold a sponsored post each, but they haven’t brought in more than $10 in 4 months on Adsense.

    @No Debt MBA, the companies either contact me or one of the sites I run advertising for. So I don’t have sources as much as I have a big email pool.

    @Money Beagle, I bet you’ll have a good August! The advertisers I have been talking to have bigger August budgets than July budgets.

    @Jeroen, thank you!

  • You’re doing gangbusters! I was just discussing with my BF the fact that my job is getting in the way of growing the blog. I’m at a crossroads.

  • @Sandy, I don’t know when the best time to change over actually is, but I made the leap when my income was consistently (more than 4 months in a row) above where we needed it to be ($2500 a month) and after I put $10,000 into savings to cover any bad months. It’s a hard choice. I’d suggest making your own goals and quitting when you hit them. Good luck!

  • Wow, the items that surprised me are the sponsored posts and ad negotiation. Do you only do sponsored posts that you agree with? It’s kind of that old moral argument about endorsing things you don’t necessarily use. That just seems like a great source of income I wouldn’t mind tapping into one day.

    Your income from ad negotiation tells me that you must be particularly effective. Do you work on a basic commission basis? Also, do you have any metrics available for determining when I site could start monetizing with advertising?

  • Wow! That’s absolutely amazing Crystal and a great inspiration to the rest of us who are just beginning. How long has it taken you to reach this level? I know you’ve been at it for a long time and it’s definitely not an over night thing. Again, great job and I hope you continue to reach your goals!

  • That is absolutely AMAZING. I’m glad you broke it down because now I see it’s not all from staff writing. I was calculating how much I should expect this month from that, and was disappointed when I realized it would be under $1,000 but now I see I should definitely look into ads and sponsored posts. I’ll focus more on that in September. For now, I have to get my writing schedule down.

  • Crystal. Again congratulations! I am so happy for you and pleased to see your progress.

  • That is some huge income! Nice job Crystal!

  • I’m curious, why are you working so many hours as you’ve already surpassed your required income? Not that you want to be barely getting by, but do you have a goal to reach such that you would back off on hours?

  • @My University Money, I take all kinds of sponsored posts but they aren’t allowed to advertise outright. They are just regular posts with links to whatever company sponsored them worked in.

    For my advertising, yes, I work on a basic commission. I started monetizing right off the bat but you don’t start getting regular money until you are a PR2 or better or your traffic is more than 100 readers a day.

    @JOBs, I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff in February 2010. Thanks for the kind words!

    @20 and Engaged, I have been working on setting a schedule too. This month has not as been as awesome as the last two, but as long as I hit $3600 a month, I’m on track…

    @Super Frugalette, thanks!

    @Robert, thank you. :-)

    @Brave New Life, because I like money…but I am trying to find a better balance this month. :-)

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  • Congrats on this awesome month Crystal!

    I’m curious about your ad negotiation activities. Do you find advertisers for other websites and simply get a percentage of their deal? For example, you negotiate $40/month for a link and take $10/month. Or do you charge a fixed rate to find advertisers for them?

  • @TFB, the way it’s working now is that we set up a separate gmail address just for advertising emails for a specific site. We also created a list of prices for their site (the ones we can quote and the absolute minimums that I should keep in mind). They then forward all the ad offers they’d like me to handle to the new email address. Some of them have redirected their ad pages to the new email as well.

    I answer all of the emails with the prices that we chose together and then work out the actual deal from there. They just post the ad or sponsored post when it’s ready. After they are paid, I get a commission (a percentage of the sale – it’s the same percentage for everyone, so feel free to email me for the amount. Since I have more than 35 clients now, I don’t know if any of them would mind me posting it publicly). I also then refer all successful contacts to the rest of the group so we can all end up getting more deals hopefully. :-)

    The other part of my service is that I keep up with every deal I make so I can automatically renegotiate deals when ads are about to expire.

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  • [...] in what a full-time blogger makes and where the money comes from? Check out Crystal’s July Income from blogging and services at How I Make Money [...]

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