January 2012 Self-Employment Income and Expenses

Since this blog is all about How I Make Money Blogging, I will be breaking down the past month’s online income and expenses at the beginning of each new month from here on out. You can see my traffic stats for my main blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, at the beginning of every month too. So here we go!

January 2012 Income Breakdown:

Please keep in mind that I had been working in a professional position with my very own cubicle from June 2005 to July 2011 for $35,500 a year at my highest point (less than $3000 a month).

As you can see, my advertising business and regular advertising is really the only thing we are leaning on right now.  I will grow passive income streams online at some point, but right now we need to put all of our effort into the growing business.

January 2012 Expenses

  • Outsourcing: $353.00
  • Paypal: $807.91
  • Empire Expansion: $1090.17
  • Scribe SEO software: $0.00 – I cancelled the service since it has taught me what I needed to know
  • BFS Giveaways: $0.00 – I paid at the end of December and will be sending the January prize tomorrow
  • My Newsletter Monthly Giveaways: $25.00
  • Prize for Another Blog’s Giveaway:  $25.00
  • TOTAL: $2301.08 (about 11%)

I am now outsourcing my social media, my BFS newsletter, blog carnival submissions, niche site development for 6 new niche sites, my backups and back end work, staff writing on co-owned sites, and any sponsored posts. Plus, Jesse and I are buying up at least 1-2 dormant sites a month to grow our online empire. I am trying to keep my overall spending to less than 15% of what I bring in for right now just to help me feel comfortable, especially now that Mr. BFS is working from home with me.

January 2012 Net Income = $17,979.04

Please keep in mind that more than a third of that is being put away for taxes. BUT WOOT!!! WHOO-HOO!!! So happy!!!! Since this is the fifth month in a row that I beat the $10,000 mark, Mr. BFS and I are now aiming for $15,000 a month or more.

Any recommendations, questions, comments, or anything?

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14 comments to January 2012 Self-Employment Income and Expenses

  • Are you finding it difficult to focus on your growing empire of niche sites as well as source new advertisers?

    I think it’s an awesome business model to be honest, because you have contact with the advertisers and are able to immediately place ads on the sites once you secure ad deals. Almost pure profit! (Well pure profit, from a large amount of work at least).

  • You should look at the average ad income per site and post some variation of this. If you were making, for example, $10,000 with 100 sites, but later found you were making $15,000 with 200 sites, the 50% increase in revenue looks great, but that you needed a 100% increase in your ‘workload’ could actually show issues that might need addressing.

  • Tya

    Wow, way to go! You are such an inspiration! I would love to just make the amount you do on ads! One of these days…. :-)

    Keep up the good work :-)


  • You are a true source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your hard word and the rewards of that work.

  • Congrats on the gross and net income levels. I am in the early stages of building an online empire with a second site now. Doing it part-time means that the growth is slower, but still rewarding knowing that I am able to create something out of nothing. It is a lot of fun.

  • Way to go! I know that a lot of people might be blown away by the numbers but this person works her butt off. This is nothing easy and she is even expanding. Great job at this rate that home will be paid off in no time. How are the niche sites coming along?

  • @MoneyforCollegePro, yes, blogging has become my hobby once again and the ad business is what I have to focus on. I actually leave my blogs out of ad deals pretty frequently since I usually aim to have as many clients involved as possible. Most of the ad money my blogs earn is from people emailing me about them directly.

    @Money Beagle, that would be unnecessary for me since I know the return per site isn’t in my favor. But I do want the extra returns and do not spend my own time on the sites (my niche sites are outsourced and we have staff writers for the co-owned sites), so it works out.

    @Tya, thanks!

    @Bryan, glad it may help!

    @cashflowmantra, good luck!

    @Thomas, thank you for the support. 6 of the niche sites are almost done and About Life Insurance gets an ad or two a month. :-)

  • Wow, really great numbers. Come from your BFS-Site (reading there regularly) Must say, you make it :-)

  • Hey, best wishes from good old germany. Coming from your traffic-income-report on BFS. Must say that you achieved really respecful numbers these days. Very interesting to read, and as Bryan said, inspiring for myself. So thank you an keep on rockin’ :-)

  • Holy cow! your numbers are incredible! You all rock!

  • ultimate motivational posts.. thanks allot for sharing it

  • Congrats on another great month!! Is there an alternative to your Ebay expenses? Can you use Quickpay by Chase?

  • Another great month! wow! I’m sure that kind of income is very motivational for a lot of people to keep working hard and finally leave the 9@5 job. Thanks for the transparency and keep growing that monthly income :)

  • Congrats on your success, keep up the great work!

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