I Trusted and Got Bitten

As you probably know, I run the advertising for a ton of sites – over 80 now.  What this means is that I am literally working deals and sending out completed deals for 5-6 hours a day.  This is my excuse for the mistake I made…

My Mistake

Since I do quite a few deals with the same 10 or so advertisers, I simply wasn’t paying as close attention to one of them as I should have.  I worked out a deal with one specific advertiser for a set amount for one sidebar ad for one year based on PR.  This saved us both the hassle of renegotiating for every, single new client.  Well, this was going fine until the last 2 weeks apparently.  This advertiser sends over html to be cut and pasted and I hadn’t realized they were sneaking in an extra link!!!

Today, as I was checking on the placement of the most recent ad, I noticed it had two links!  That prompted me to check the last deals with them…four sites total had two links instead of the one that all of the other sites had!  I immediately emailed the advertiser and asked which link they’d like to keep.  Or I offered them a discount to keep both links, but another payment would need to be sent.  I thought that they’d simply write back, say oops, and tell me which links to remove.

Apparently not.

Their Response – Grrrr

They wrote back saying that since I had the opportunity to decline the ads before they paid, that they’ll just leave them up as is.  But they let me know which link to remove from the most recent ad since it had not been paid for yet.

Well, sh*t.  Not only am I feeling completely stupid for not checking these ads closer before, but now I am completely ticked off at an advertiser that I’ve been doing business with for more than a year.  Crud.

Anyway, I replied that we agreed in emails on one link for one year for a certain amount based on PR.  So they could either pick the link they want removed or I will pick it for them.  I went on to say that my mistake of trusting them to send correct ads would not be repeated, that they had already gotten a couple of free weeks from me, so they shouldn’t push this issue any further.

I’ll let you know what happens.  Best case, they let me know which links to remove by tomorrow.  Worst case, I pick for them, they get ticked off, and we don’t do business together anymore.  That would make me sad since I hate losing out on easy money, but at the same time, can you believe their arrogance?!  I mean, it’s advertising with a pre-made deal.  It doesn’t come with a freaking “Buyer Beware” tag!!!


The advertiser came back asking why I was making a big deal about it since my clients obviously were happy with the deal since they hadn’t complained.  I said that my clients trusted me to send them the ad we agreed on and I mistakingly trusted them to send the correct ad, but that didn’t negate our actual deal.  They reminded me how much business they give me.  I reminded them that I bring in clients for them.  They told me to just break a link. 

Whew.  Crisis averted, clients have  been emailed, and links are being broken.  And I personally will tread very carefully with these people in the future…

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