I Can’t Work in my PJ’s

I know it’s been less than a week of self-employment, so take this with a grain of salt, but old habits seem to die hard.  I was really looking forward to sleeping in and setting my own hours, but my 6 years with my day job are holding on tight.

Habits that Are Holding On:

  • Waking up before 8am – I have heard most self-employed people make their own hours, but my body already seems to have one.
  • Showering – I feel icky in the mornings without a nice, hot shower.
  • Breakfast – My stomach reminds me if I haven’t eaten by 9am.
  • Desk – I have to clean off my desk off every evening before I go to bed so it’ll be clean the next day or I actually won’t go into the room in the morning…
  • Phone – I have accidentally answered my own cell phone using the line I used to have to say at my day job.  Sheesh.
  • Lunch – If I don’t eat by 1pm, I feel sick.  I’ve already created a snack drawer in my desk with fruit and granola bars, lol.
  • Magic 5pm – I do not feel like doing anything between 4pm and 6pm.  That used to be my commuting and dinner time, and apparently it is now my play with dogs time.

New Habits:

  • Ignore my Email Notifications – I have had to stop picking up my phone every time I get a new email.  It’s better to check between tasks.
  • Meals on Wheals Volunteering – I delivered lunches on Monday, but there isn’t actually any talking.  I think I’ll help get the meals ready instead from here on out and just deliver meals when they need a substitute driver.
  • Errands – I used to do errands and chores like laundry on the weekends, but now I do them around lunch.
  • Dogs – I didn’t realize that I hadn’t been playing with my dogs for a couple of months.  I was feeding them, letting them out, and medicating them.  I’ve added play to the list.  :-)

I am sure I’ll look back at this in a month and laugh at myself, but it is still new and shiny to me now.  :-)

What do you think?  Other than the phone answering problem, my old habits aren’t too bad, right?

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9 comments to I Can’t Work in my PJ’s

  • There is nothing wrong with maintaining a schedule at home. It is probably best for you to stay productive and not start wasting time on the internet. You might get to the point when you can work fewer hours during the day, but for now I would continue to maintain some discipline and build up a cushion of income.

  • Sounds pretty good to me! I bet it’ll take a while to settle in and develop a long-term routine, switching from an office job to being self employed is a big change!

  • Your schedule sounds great. I don’t know your natural rhythm, but I am much more of a morning person, so I prefer getting up earlier and getting a lot done (as you seem to do). Are you enjoying being home this first week? I love the quiet of an empty house.

  • I think it is savvy to run errands around lunch instead of Saturdays. You will not waste time in Saturday traffic or in lines.

  • @kidgas, good point. My schedule does allow me to get mostly done by the time the evening rolls around…

    @No Debt MBA, you are so right, this has been a huge change!

    @Mom’s Plans, I am a late morning person and an evening person in general 9am-11am and 6pm-9pm are my golden hours, lol. I force myself on a day schedule since I can’t get everything done in just 5 hours…

    @Super Frugalette, it is cool to grocery shop with hardly anyone in the store. :-)

  • I’ve been working from home for three years, and I think if you actually stick somewhat to a schedule, whatever works best for you, it helps. Otherwise, you end up spending all your time working, and none playing… I know my dogs (or my husband, either) do not like it when I do that– and I’m sure yours are demanding more of your time now that you’re home. Congrats on taking the plunge!

  • I think your routine sounds great. I end up working in my PJs a lot because I get up and head straight for the computer. I wish I could change that, but I haven’t had any success yet.

    I agree with Frugalette about running errands during the week. When I have to do that on weekends it is brutal. Wait until Christmas season hits. You’ll love shopping during the week!

  • I think we all have similar habits when we make the transition. I thought I could sleep in but that wasn’t the case at all. I actually work well into the night though; 5pm is usually a surge in energy since I’m not going so hard in the mornings.

  • @Denise, thanks! I believe I’m forming my schedule right now. I’ll let you all know what it looks like in a month. :-)

    @Julie, oh, I love the Christmas season and Amazon and Ebay appreciate my money. :-)

    @20 and Engaged, good to know. I get my surges around 9:30am and 7pm…not very stable but it seems to work for me…

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