Finding a Business Niche

When I quit my day job in mid-July 2011, I thought the key to working from home was going to be having my finger in as many pies as possible.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I have actually seemed to create a marketing empire and now blog as a hobby again, lol.

What I Was Doing 2 Months Ago

  • Blogged daily on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
  • Blogged 3 times a week here
  • Blogged weekly at Crystal Clear Thoughts
  • Ran the marketing for about 20 other blogs
  • Staff wrote at 8 other blogs
  • Commented for a group of Australian personal finance sites

What I do Currently

Where this Leaves Me

Yep, blogging is once again my hobby, hahaha.  I am a Marketing Manager now.  I am fine with that except that means that 90% of my income is based on advertising or commissions on advertising.  My huge fear is that it may all come crashing down.  I have no reason to think that, but I guess having pre-worry is a part of self-employment. 

This has led me to create even more niche sites like About Life Insurance.  I also am having an eBook written and will be starting to work on my original idea for an eBook myself, How I Make Money Blogging.  I could start staff writing for way more blogs again, but it isn’t as fun as just sticking with a few.  It gets stressful after 5 extra posts a week for me.  In short, I am going to ride this baby till she bucks me.  :-)

What has changed for you in the last 2 months?  Any pointers for me?

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3 comments to Finding a Business Niche

  • 47 clients? wow that’s crazy! at one point, you could live solely from your clients base ;-)

    2 months ago, I was writing my eBook, I’m now ready to launch it! Now, I’m not sure where I am heading: I have 4 other eBook projects I need to work on and about 5 niche sites to develop and push further. I need to put down my priorities in line!

  • 47 blogs, Crystal? Congratulations! That’s wonderful. I understand your concern, although you seem to have your bases covered well.

  • @TFB, I already could live off just my advertising monies, lol, but I still like blogging. :-) Good luck prioritizing!

    @Julie, now it’s 53. :-) Thank you very much for the congrats!

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