Fighting Burn Out Before It Happens

I never thought burn out could happen to me, but I am thisclose to fizzling out like a candle on its last leg.  September has been the busiest but most profitable month of my entire life.  I’ve already made about $7700 and am keeping my expenses around 15%.  I now run the advertising for around 60 blogs, have 4-5 staff writing positions at any given time, and am still posting daily at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  What I haven’t mastered is where to draw my lines.

As I may have mentioned before, I spend at least 4-5 hours a day on answering emails.  I spend another couple on blogging and trying to stay in contact with all of my blogging buddies.  The last hours of my day are spent on catching up with freelancing tasks like commenting for cash or staff writing.  I quit my day job but am still working 60-70 hours a week.

I am now feeling all of that.  Before I burn out completely, I am taking a step back and seeing what I like, what I should keep, and what I can give up.  I am thinking of just concentrating on all of that advertising and running my favorite two blogs.  I’ll be keeping all of the staff writing positions too as long as I can since I like the side income.  I will probably be giving up all of my other freelance tasks over the next few months.  By the end of the year, I hope to be netting $5000 a month by only doing what I enjoy.  We’ll see.

Are you feeling burnt out lately?  How are you fighting back?

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10 comments to Fighting Burn Out Before It Happens

  • You should consider which tasks you might be able to delegate and hire an assistant. You have figured out what must be a decent system for advertising and could expand that aspect of your business with little additional effort. Staff writing, however, requires x amount of time for x amount of payment. There is little that can be scaled.

  • I am a person that is easily overwhelmed so when I look at somebody like you I simply can’t fathom how you do it all! You’re doing great, but I agree you definitely need to make some serious cutbacks for your own sanity and health.

  • On a business level, I would guess that the advertising is the best paying on a per-hour basis? I agree with CLM above, in saying that this is probably where the most profit lies (I also have a vested interest, so obviously I’m biased). With everything else, I guess you have to balance out the opportunity cost of your time. Do you enjoy the staff writing enough to offset how much you could be making using that time to complete other tasks? At what point for you does the business side of it matter less than the parts of blogging you enjoy most? It sounds like it is somewhere around the $5K mark.

  • You should figure out what you can outsource and of the stuff that is left just do the stuff you like. Of course, you should still keep handling my advertising:).

  • You should definitely look to outsource some of your tasks. Hire someone to take care of the tedious stuff so that you can focus on the major things. Plus if you hire someone you can ‘grow’ this business quicker and leverage your time and efforts to see explosive growth.

  • Hire a little Crystal army! You can outsource the things you don’t necessarily enjoy. I experienced a massive burnout in life and it wasn’t pretty. Catch it before it gets bad.

  • I definitely feel a burn and I’ve only been in school for 3 weeks! I knew this semester was going to be like this, but I’m already feeling the burn! I just have to hang in there for 12 more weeks, then it will be better.

    I think that focusing on the most important things helps alleviate some of that stress. Good luck balancing your blogging work!

  • I agree with all of you. I will be outsourcing some stuff and getting rid of some others.

    @Andy, don’t worry, even if my advertising business grows to include other employees, you will be on my own account list. :-)

    @LH, good luck lady!!!

  • Yowza ~ no wonder you’re starting to feel a bit burned out – my jaw actually dropped when I read what’s on your plate. Having to do all that writing would push me right over the edge – clearly you’re made of stronger stuff. It sounds from your posts like the advertising end of things is growing really quickly so focusing on that and your blogs sounds like a really good choice.

  • You must be a really fast worker. For all those duties you described, I would figure 50% more time than you allocated.

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