Feeling Used – A Bad Self-Employment Day

I thought the bad days of self-employment would be when I woke up early and then made no money all day.  I was wrong.

First of all, I wake up somewhat early every week day.  I am usually awake and answering emails by the time my husband leaves for work at 6:45am if I went to bed around midnight.  Or I sleep in until 8am if I stayed up blogging past 1am.

Secondly, not making any money at all is rare.  I usually receive at least $20 in a slow day from a commission or ghost post sale.  So, when I do have a day when I bank nada, I make sure not to have two in a row.

Lastly, the crappy self-employment days don’t have anything to do with sleep or money.  It’s the days when people let you down or tick you off.  Yesterday was a great example…

My Crappy Day

The day started off with an advertiser telling me that my rates for all of my clients were too high.  That I could take, but when he then started contacting them directly, I got ticked off!  I don’t lie, not even to make a deal.  I was offering him the full discounts I was allowed to offer.  Butt-head.  Now I am still trying to work with him, but I can’t stand him anymore.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful until I found out about a campaign that I missed out on in the Yakezie blogging group that I am a part of.  To explain a bit, once you are a full member of the group, you get access to the private forums.  Sometimes one of us members is lucky enough to get an advertising campaign going to include other members.  We then post the openings on Yakezie. 

Missing out on a campaign has happened before and I usually just pout for a few minutes, but this was different.  This campaign wasn’t run using the Yakezie guidelines, so it filled up super quickly (like in less than an hour).  I cannot stand it when I follow the rules but then have to suck it up when someone else doesn’t.  It just stings. 

Feeling Used Trumps Losing Out on Money

After the first few minutes of being super sad at losing out on money, I was just indignant.  I have run a lot of campaigns.  I try to be as fair as possible.  I have followed the guidelines since they were posted, let the advertiser choose who they want from all of the signups, and even emailed blogger friends from the Yakezie in case they didn’t see the campaign when it went up.

Did this campaign follow the rules?  Nope.  Did anyone email me about it?  Nope.  Not even people that I email regularly for no other reason than to be nice.  I hate feeling used.  But that is exactly how I felt when I was blind-sided yesterday afternoon.  Why couldn’t have any of my blogging buddies sent a little note my way?  Grrrr…

Okay, now I am just whining, but I hope you get the point.  My crappy days seem to be when I feel taken advantage of.  Now I have to suck it up and move on because I work with these people all the time.  I have to make a choice whether to keep being nice or to start blowing everybody off, but I sincerely hope my decency towards others will build up some good karma for me some day.  I guess they can’t all be good karma days…

Ever had a day that bit you in the butt?  Want to share?  Come on, vent with me…  :-)

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11 comments to Feeling Used – A Bad Self-Employment Day

  • I hear ya.

    The deal stinks. Deadline of Friday, but first come, first serve? Rationalization for ignoring the guidelines? He felt like it? It’s not just sour grapes for being away from my computer for the key 50 minutes. I’ve been running a monthly campaign since March(is that 1 campaign, or 6?) and always stick as close as possible to the guidelines.

  • I didn’t email you because I thought I didn’t get in myself in the first place and they the campaign was no longer taking people (including me). Hope we can be friends again :)

    With that said, yeah it was a confused campaign. I have not been able to get one myself, so I know how much effort it takes. I respect those who get the campaigns and I am grateful. This one was a little weird, he could have just said the advertisers wants the list in about 2 hrs, so first 10 gets in. But the deadline said Friday so I thought there was time and the advertiser will pick 10 or something. That is what I get for reading on the phone. From now on I will just enter the name and my blogging buddy’s name and then email them to take the name off. Because there are usually people to fill in when someone drops out but filling it late we can never get in… I was not feeling bad about not getting in. More than anything it was the confusion that got me. I opened the file when there was one row filled, took a call and came back to see I was the 18th person :) I asked if I could enter anyway, was told no, then see a few people entering anyway, so I enter, came back to see if my “group” has entered or if I should mail them… see my entry missing. I assumed it was not accepted. I move to other things, then I come back to see my entry is back. Then I get an email for black belts… Then there is a long thread on who should get in… fun day :)

  • @Jason, glad to know it wasn’t just me!

    @Suba, I reread my post and realized why you thought I was mad at you! No! I was just wondering about 5 of the first 10 (most of whom I email every single campaign to…). It was just a crappy day…

  • That campaign was wack! :) I just read it today and was really confused about all the open threads about the one campaign..I’m still confused at to what the heck happened but whatever :) I was 25 hours too late and don’t care!

    Sorry about your bad day though. I have at least two of those each week :) I don’t like my job but for now still have to do it..(day job, I LOVE my side jobs) and the reason I don’t like it is because I deal with some of the most demanding people I have ever met. It’s always IT’s fault and everything is an emergency.

  • Hey Crystal sorry that you had a bad day.

    I think we sometimes assume that working for ourselves will mean less bad days, but they just come in different guises….and occasionally people let us down whatever work we do!

    People always trump money either in a good, or a bad way.

  • Sorry you had such a lousy day Crystal. :-( That evil advertiser is a butthead! He shouldn’t be contacting your other advertisers, that’s just rude. I guess that’s just part of the “bad day momentum”, I get a lot of that whenever I’m having a bad day. Sorry about the campaign too (even though I don’t understand all that), is it possible that they forgot? You seem to be really active with all that stuff, I can’t imagine somebody blowing you off on purpose.

  • The worst part of having a self employed bad day is that most self employed people really wouldn’t have anyone to vent to (except their significant other of course, but I am very weary of always putting too much on them). Think of the silver lining that at least you have a forum here to “talk” to people about. With the work ethic you have for blogging and online deals I would be very surprised if you had too many of these bad days going forward! I’ll bet they will get fewer and farther between.

  • I feel your pain Crystal. Missing out on opportunities makes me livid, and when people don’t trust you in the same day? Woah buddy, watch out. I hope you have a better day!

  • I think that it becomes worst when you are living from your online income! You now live with the “fear” that one day, your income may be slower for some uncontrollable reason. But don’t worry about it, there tons of advertiser trying to get very cheap links and they all end-up with very bad website to advertise on ;-).

    I guess that managing advertising for other bloggers come with the risk that the advertiser my want to deal with them directly and cut the middle man. After all, it’s not very complicated to reach any blogger once you know about their blog! On the other side, if you make clear with your clients that you handle their advertising and offer an added value, they should be able to redirect advertiser to yourself to manage.

  • Advertisers going behind your back is totally uncalled for. But you don’t have to worry here. My quoted prices are much higher than what I have given you to negotiate from. Mostly because I will never know if they were already doing a deal with you or through Yakezie. So if I never hear from them again then I know they were doing shady business, or my price was too high…

    And as for that campaign, I really have no comment. Except for this. lol
    If there is going to be a first come first serve then it needs to be for extra blogs after the BOH blogs have gotten contacted.

  • Quick update for anyone who subscribed to these comments, I actually turned this advertiser back into a solid deal for 8 clients and maybe more when his budget is refreshed. :-)

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