Disconnecting is Important in Self Employment

I never thought I’d be so addicted to a job that I couldn’t disconnect, but I seem to have been going down that slippery slope.  During our last vacation to Las Vegas, I was spending at least 3 hours a day on blogging and my freelance tasks.  I usually am monitoring emails from my cell phone every hour or so no matter where I am.  Usually, being connected is not a bad thing and I am inconspicuous about it.  But sometimes, I just have to disconnect from my hobby and job so I can truly connect with the people in my life.

When I Go Offline

For example, my phone is on silent at poker night every Monday evening.  I think it would be completely rude to blog while the cards are being dealt.  I also ignore my phone and everything while I am asleep.  I would go insane if I was woken up every couple of hours with a new batch of emails.  Finally, I turn off my phone when I am hanging out with my husband, friends, or family on a one-on-one basis.  I make sure my attention is on whoever I am with.  I do think life is made more meaningful by the people in it.  I want my loved ones to know that I prioritize them above all else.

Feel Refreshed

Also, taking complete breaks may help you feel more refreshed when you do return to work.  When I am having a rough day, I take 1-2 hours to read a book or watch a tv show.  When I turn back on my work brain, the tasks that were overwhelming me seem to be more manageable.

In short, this post is to remind all of the work addicts and self employed readers I have that it is okay to disconnect once in a while.  In fact, it is healthier and makes life better if you do.  Trust me, working, even if you love it, is still working.  Your brain needs a break and your real life relationships will benefit.  Test it out.  Let me know what you think.

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5 comments to Disconnecting is Important in Self Employment

  • I have trouble with this too. I always take my work with me on vacation. :)

  • So very true. Once I get on the computer I can just work and work and work at a never-ending list of tasks. Disconnecting and refreshing can actually help you be more efficient and allow you to focus on what is most important in both work and life.

  • I know exactly wheer you are coming from. I am hooked too. I’m on here morning till night and even when I go downtown I hve a hard time not thinking about emails waiting at home-lol
    I am getting married next month and will be “working” then too- taking my lap top along with me on my honeymoon.

  • I’m learning this as well. When we went to Vegas, our wifi didn’t work in the room, so the only connectedness I had was a 1 hour trip to Starbucks to publish my posts, and emails sent to my Droid. I’m taking more time to spend with my husband, especially at night, instead of staying up until 2am working.

  • Anastasia

    Right on, Crystal. I am trying the freelance mode while I’m momentarily home on disability (my back!). This has been a great chance for me to test the freelance waters without completely pulling the plug on my day job. Happy to say that my freelance income in September was half of that of my “normal” job. I have been experiencing the same thing that you mention – email dependency! – but am so far managing to shut it all off to spend time with my friend who’s in town and help my kids with their homework. It’s still a struggle, though. Hoping to make this transition work so I can say Goodbye to my firm to be a full time freelancer and SAHM. Regards!

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