Determining My Priorities

After that record month of July (WOOT!), I have taken a tiny step back to evaluate my self-employment priorities.  Even though my day job is in the rearview mirror, I have spent the first three weeks on my own working even longer hours than before.  For example, it is 12:45am as I am writing this and I have been working since 8:45am.  I took a 25 minute lunch break and a 45 minute dinner break.  This is probably not a good long-term plan.

Given that I rather not trade a mediocre job and 70 hour work weeks for a great job but 90 hour work weeks, I sat down with my husband to prioritize:

  • We agree that lots of money is good, but as long as I make $3600 or more a month, we are golden.
  • Working crazy hours is fine when I feel like it, but I should strive to have way more flexibility.
  • I like running advertising and writing blog posts.
  • I don’t like putting in the time needed for social media.
  • I don’t want more than 10 staff writing post jobs per week.

In order to live according to my priorities, I have decided:

  • Let the money take care of itself – pay very little attention to it as long as its there.
  • When we are with friends or family, put the email notifications on my phone to silent so I don’t feel the need to go to the bathroom to answer messages every hour (I’m not quite that bad – but I am pretty antsy).
  • Spend the largest part of my day dealing with advertising and writing.
  • Hire someone to handle my social media and create a Budgeting in the Fun Stuff subscriber list and newletter (thank you Jesse Michelsen from Splyce Ventures and PF Firewall!)
  • I will not take on any more staff writing positions unless they are paying better than one I can replace.

I don’t know if this will have an immediate effect on my life or not, but just writing down my new plans makes me feel better.  :-)

Do you make sure to live your life based on your priorities?  Need to take a look and rearrange anything right now?

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10 comments to Determining My Priorities

  • I know how hard it can be to turn down the money, but you are right, you need balance. Even 10 staff writing posts a week sounds like a lot! I think in addition to setting boundaries on tasks, you should set boundaries on the exact hours you will be “at work”. Otherwise it is way too easy to just keep working ALL day because the “office” is right down the hallway. Just my two cents.

  • You definitely should use your flexibility to your advantage. Working 12 hours one day and 4 the next is not a bad thing. Taking one full day off could be nice as well. Take care of your physical and mental health at the same time. Working smarter by listing priorities is a good start.

  • I can only imagine the kind of pressure you’re under now that blogging has become your full-time job, but remember that what you were doing before was enough for you to quit your job. No need to add extra stuff right now – just maintain what you’ve built! You’re a blogging machine but even super heroes get to put on a “normal” identity every now and then. :)

  • Sounds like a good plan. Taking care of yourself is always a good priority, should be number 1 on your list.

  • I think you are so savvy to create your core priorities and discuss them with your husband. If both people are not on board tension ensues and then you have more difficulty than work related issues.

  • I have started outsourcing a lot of the work I don’t like to do as well! I was been using Fiverr and have had great results!

  • After seeing your name literally everywhere, I’ve often wondered when you sleep. It looks like the answer is: you dont!

  • If I were in your position, I would seek out true passive income, and then start calculating how you can reduce your overall hours as your passive income increase… Do this until you no longer need to work at all. After that, work if you want but only doing the things you enjoy (your blog and advertising).

    In the corporate world, we generally don’t have that flexibility. If I could work 4 hours per week because that’s all I need in combination to my passive income – I would. Instead it’s more binary, we work until we reach the required savings then we retire. You are fortunate to have a middle ground – so use it!

  • @Mom’s Plans, I pretty much took the weekend off and it was great! I only did a few blogging tasks and they were totally by choice. :-)

    @kidgas, it has helped so far.

    @Andrea, lol, I am no superhero. But yes, I did need to take a step back. I feel way more balanced now.

    @Sheila, good point.

    @Super Frugalette, I do love how cooperative my husband and I are. That openness makes it where we get along pretty well, which is good, because when my home life isn’t peaches and cream, it is impossible to concentrate on anything else…

    @Robert, I was going to use fiverr or oDesk, but it was so nice to be able to hire someone I already worked with and trusted like Jesse. Sometimes it is very good to be lucky. :-)

    @Hunter, LOL. I sleep 6-8 hours a night. :-) That is perfect for me.

    @Brave New Life, the trick to that is creating the passive income streams to start with. I don’t SEO the way I need to in order to make a killing with Adsense and the eBook is coming together pretty slowly at this point, but I will dig in…

  • You write so hosntely about this. Thanks for sharing!

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