December 2011 Self-Employment Income and Expenses

Since this blog is all about How I Make Money Blogging, I will be breaking down the past month’s online income and expenses at the beginning of each new month from here on out. You can see my traffic stats for my main blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, at the beginning of every month too. So here we go!

December 2011 Income Breakdown:

BEST MONTH EVER IN MY 29 YEARS on EARTH!!! Please keep in mind that I had been working in a professional position with my very own cubicle from June 2005 to July 2011 for $35,500 a year at my highest point (less than $3000 a month).

As you can see, I do have multiple income streams but I am severely lacking in regards to passive income. I am also cutting back on my other income streams in order to have time to expand my advertising business. I still need to write the eBook whose idea actually inspired the creation of this blog, but that is on the backburner for now. I also hope that my Budgeting in the Fun Stuff newsletter helps me promote affiliates I actually like. When my passive income streams beat $200 a month, I will start listing them separately from the rest of my site ads.

December 2011 Expenses

  • Outsourcing: $320.00
  • Paypal: $921.97
  • Empire Expansion: $1107.67
  • Scribe SEO software: $0.00 – I cancelled the service since it has taught me what I needed to know
  • Love Drop: $20.00
  • BFS Giveaways:  $150.00
  • My Newsletter Monthly Giveaways: $25.00
  • One Year PO Box:  $52.00
  • TOTAL: $2596.64 (about 10%)

I am now outsourcing my social media, my BFS newsletter, blog carnival submissions, niche site development for 6 new niche sites, my backups and back end work, staff writing on co-owned sites, and any sponsored posts. Plus, Jesse and I are buying up at least 1-2 dormant sites a month to grow our online empire. I am trying to keep my overall spending to less than 15% of what I bring in for right now just to help me feel comfortable. I always hope the niche sites and the blogs I buy in order to expand end up making me some money in the long run since they cost me a bunch right off the bat. So far, so good.

December 2011 Net Income = $22,284.31

Please keep in mind that more than a third of that is being put away for taxes. BUT WOOT!!! WHOO-HOO!!!  So happy!!!!  Since this is the fourth month in a row that I beat the $10,000 mark, that is what I am aiming for from here on out.

Any recommendations, questions, comments, or anything?

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