I Want to Make Your Budget


I have recently helped two of my friends set up a plan for debt payoff and retirement savings. They both have started telling me to branch out and I try to always follow good advice. I figured this would be the perfect fit – help others get their finances under their own control and [...]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Diversify


Google hurt me. Well, technically, Google decided to take a poop on a bunch of bloggers’ and advertisers’ Page Ranks, so now advertisers are gun shy. But since I run a blog advertising business, Google hurt me. April has been our lowest income month since the business took off last year. We aren’t in [...]

Just Have a Plan


I have been asked a few times in the last 2 months if I would have jumped into self employment if I knew Google would hit my clients and advertisers in March and April 2012. Yes, yes I would. Self employment obviously has its ups and downs, but quite frankly, I feel that a [...]

More Tips for Working with a Spouse


My husband quit his day job as a school librarian about 4 weeks ago and joined me at home. I wrote a few tips about working with your spouse after our first week at home together.

Here are a few more tips of the trade that have kept us from murdering each other:

- [...]

The First Week with a Partner


Last week was the first full week that my husband worked from home with me. So far, so good. I am really happy that he is a fast learner and so grateful to have help!

Here are some tips I have picked up so far about working from home with your spouse:

Have [...]

Competition – I Knew it Would Happen


When I started my advertising service in February 2011, I knew my idea would be picked up by others. It is the way of the world. I have two views of my competition:

The Adult Approach

Competition happens. Either ignore it or crush it, but either way it’s there. I personally am trying the [...]

Mike and Molly’s House – How We Are Going to Make Money Blogging


The following is a guest post from Molly, a blogger with her husband Mike at (appropriately enough) Mike and Molly’s House. For the past two years Molly has been writing about how they cut back their expenses by more than half and expounding on other financial matters on her blog Molly On Money. Last [...]

My New Approach to Time Management


I now have about 75 sites as clients for my blog advertising business. Even though I can run some sites out of one email address since they are owned by the same person, I am still keeping up with about 50 different email addresses and closing 2-3 big deals a week out of my [...]

Disconnecting is Important in Self Employment


I never thought I’d be so addicted to a job that I couldn’t disconnect, but I seem to have been going down that slippery slope. During our last vacation to Las Vegas, I was spending at least 3 hours a day on blogging and my freelance tasks. I usually am monitoring emails from my [...]

Fighting Burn Out Before It Happens


I never thought burn out could happen to me, but I am thisclose to fizzling out like a candle on its last leg. September has been the busiest but most profitable month of my entire life. I’ve already made about $7700 and am keeping my expenses around 15%. I now run the advertising for [...]

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