I Was Fired for Refusing to Work for Free


As you may already know, I have been a staff writer for quite a few sites over the last year. I have moved on amicably from some positions and have found new ones that fit. It seems pretty natural. But then I started staff writing for a big site and it was a complete [...]

Interview with Miranda Marquit – Professional Online Writer and Freelancer


Hi everybody! I’d like to introduce you to Miranda Marquit, professional writer and freelancer. Miranda has the job that I am aiming for, writing and blogging from home. I “met” her as a fellow staff writer for Bargaineering, but she is also a staff writer for many other blogs. Please feel free to check [...]

Stumbling into Staff Writing


I never planned to become a staff writer. At the time, I had just been blogging for 4 months and was realizing there was money to be made through advertising. I was also throwing myself into the new Yakezie blogging forums like a crack addict – I mean imagine, a whole forum full of [...]

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