Blogging and Direct Ads


The first way I ever made money blogging after building up my site a little was by selling two direct ads on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff about 4 months after I started blogging. They were 2 text links placed on my right sidebar for 6 months for $400. And they were from a [...]

Interview with Miranda Marquit – Professional Online Writer and Freelancer


Hi everybody! I’d like to introduce you to Miranda Marquit, professional writer and freelancer. Miranda has the job that I am aiming for, writing and blogging from home. I “met” her as a fellow staff writer for Bargaineering, but she is also a staff writer for many other blogs. Please feel free to check [...]

My Trick to Posting Daily – Schedule Ahead


As you may be able to tell, I do not post daily here yet. I sadly do not have the time to fully fill up two posting schedules and keep up with my staff writing, but I do plan to handle that problem when I start working from home. But I have posted every [...]

My Big Push Schedule


Let me start off by saying that the schedule I am talking about below is ONLY useful in small increments and WILL LEAD TO BURNOUT if you try to make it into a normal thing. I only got this busy within the last 4-6 weeks and will only push myself this hard until I [...]

My First Step – Building Up a Blog


My online life started with finding the wide world of personal finance blogging and starting my first blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS). Building up BFS was what brought advertisers knocking on my virtual door and gave me the credibility to become a staff writer. I knew from reading all of my favorite [...]

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