Simple Ad Page – When You Are Ready to Offer Advertising


I’ve been asked quite a few times about creating an ad page for a blog once they are ready to open up to advertisers. The key in my opinion is simply to let advertisers know that you accept advertising and to give them a way to easily contact you. Keep in mind that most [...]

Competition – I Knew it Would Happen


When I started my advertising service in February 2011, I knew my idea would be picked up by others. It is the way of the world. I have two views of my competition:

The Adult Approach

Competition happens. Either ignore it or crush it, but either way it’s there. I personally am trying the [...]

I Trusted and Got Bitten


As you probably know, I run the advertising for a ton of sites – over 80 now. What this means is that I am literally working deals and sending out completed deals for 5-6 hours a day. This is my excuse for the mistake I made…

My Mistake

Since I do quite a few [...]

Blogging and Direct Ads


The first way I ever made money blogging after building up my site a little was by selling two direct ads on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff about 4 months after I started blogging. They were 2 text links placed on my right sidebar for 6 months for $400. And they were from a [...]

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