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Hi, my name is Crystal and I am a blogging addict.  :-)

My First Blog

I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, my personal finance blog, on February 20, 2010 as a hobby and immediately got hooked.  From there, I started a few more sites, met some awesome people, and actually started making money!  Budgeting in the Fun Stuff started bringing in advertisers! 

My First Deal

I closed my first “big” deal in August 2010.  I know $450 doesn’t sound like the kind of money that makes you want to quit your job, but it showed me that I could possibly quit my day job eventually and make money online from home!

Now, let me tell you, you cannot “get rich quick” from selling advertising on a single new blog, so I started a few more sites.  I just didn’t have the time or drive to keep up with all of them as well as I keep up with BFS.  So I started thinking about what I love about blogging and could sell to others.  I love writing, communicating with all of the readers, and negotiating with advertisers.


There was the beginning of Crystal-For-Hire Blogging Services.  I now staff write, ghost write, and run the advertising for other blogs!  I’m also in the midst of writing an advertising eBook that I hope will help a ton of bloggers and create a passive income source for me too.

My Current Situation

I quit my day job on July 15, 2011, so stay tuned here to see what happens after that!  This will be where I log all of my adventures of making money online and how you can too!

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