Been a While – How I Make Money Blogging Update


As you may have noticed, I stopped posting much here on HIMMB. Mostly I was overwhelmed with my online business and decided to concentrate on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. A ton has happened over the last year or two.

Financial Updates

The biggest news is that my husband and I have negotiated more [...]

I Want to Make Your Budget


I have recently helped two of my friends set up a plan for debt payoff and retirement savings. They both have started telling me to branch out and I try to always follow good advice. I figured this would be the perfect fit – help others get their finances under their own control and [...]

Hobby Jobs Can Help Fill in the Blanks


The longer Mr. BFS and I work from home, the more efficient we have become with our time. Plus, Google hitting a bunch of my advertising contacts hurt the business a little. My work weeks have gone from 80-100 hours a week before I had help to around 30-40 on average. I am happy [...]

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