Mondays Still Suck


You would think that you’d have so much flexibility when you are self-employed that weekends would lose their luster or that Mondays would be all rainbows and butterflies.

Nope. At least, that is not how it is for me.

My Natural Schedule

Since I now make a huge part of my monthly income from [...]

Networking is Everything


A blog or business of any sort cannot grow on an island of its own. If you don’t enjoy making connections, getting to know people, and building a reputation with others, please do not pursue blogging or blogging services as your career. Trust me, it won’t work out well.

The Email Part of My [...]

Feeling Used – A Bad Self-Employment Day


I thought the bad days of self-employment would be when I woke up early and then made no money all day. I was wrong.

First of all, I wake up somewhat early every week day. I am usually awake and answering emails by the time my husband leaves for work at 6:45am if I [...]

My Blogging Expenses


I saw a post over at The Financial Blogger explaining that his online business is sometimes cash flow negative since they roll their profits back into developing their online niche sites and eBooks. They made $5700 last month but spent about $6000 on business-related expenses like outsourcing.

This made me realize that I rarely [...]

Determining How to Price Yourself and Which Jobs to Take


One of the hardest things to figure out is how to price yourself and what jobs to take. It took me months to figure out my prices when I started and way longer to figure out my standards when it came to online work.

Which Jobs to Take

I get offered at least one [...]

My New Boss Was Being a Slave Driver


I’ve been officially self-employed for almost a month now, woot! But I am working more hours than ever. Oops. No worries, the great thing about being the boss is that I can make executive decisions like when not to work.

With this in mind, I have decided to stop trying to work in a [...]

Determining My Priorities


After that record month of July (WOOT!), I have taken a tiny step back to evaluate my self-employment priorities. Even though my day job is in the rearview mirror, I have spent the first three weeks on my own working even longer hours than before. For example, it is 12:45am as I am writing [...]

July 2011 Online Income Breakdown


July was such an amazing month! This blog has started to take off, my husband and I took our big annual vacation, I quit my day job, and it has been the best online income month of my life!!! Thank you all for reading and for all of the support! Your comments and emails [...]

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