My First Two Weeks of Self-Employment


So it has been nearly two weeks of self-employment and I am loving it! I actually haven’t been able to stay on a real schedule for a variety of self-imposed reasons, but I am keeping up with all of my work and am having fun. I will be working out a schedule soon though [...]

Blogging by the Hour


I have recently been hired to network for a group of Australian personal finance blogs. In short, they are paying me in 20 hour increments to do a variety of time-consuming blogging tasks that help build up a blog. Here is what I’ve been hired to do:

Comment on other sites on behalf of [...]

Blogging and Direct Ads


The first way I ever made money blogging after building up my site a little was by selling two direct ads on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff about 4 months after I started blogging. They were 2 text links placed on my right sidebar for 6 months for $400. And they were from a [...]

I Can’t Work in my PJ’s


I know it’s been less than a week of self-employment, so take this with a grain of salt, but old habits seem to die hard. I was really looking forward to sleeping in and setting my own hours, but my 6 years with my day job are holding on tight.

Habits that Are Holding [...]

My First Work Day at Home


Today is my first official work day as a fully self-employed blogger and I am loving it! I’ve only been up for 2 hours and I feel like I’ve accomplished a bunch! If I can complete all of my actual work during the day, I can do the things I enjoy in the evening [...]

I’m a Full Time Blogger after Friday!!!


For anybody who didn’t see my announcement at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, I gave my 2 week’s notice at work today!!! They asked if I’d mind my last day being on Friday and I jumped on it!!!


I [...]

Interview with Miranda Marquit – Professional Online Writer and Freelancer


Hi everybody! I’d like to introduce you to Miranda Marquit, professional writer and freelancer. Miranda has the job that I am aiming for, writing and blogging from home. I “met” her as a fellow staff writer for Bargaineering, but she is also a staff writer for many other blogs. Please feel free to check [...]

My Trick to Posting Daily – Schedule Ahead


As you may be able to tell, I do not post daily here yet. I sadly do not have the time to fully fill up two posting schedules and keep up with my staff writing, but I do plan to handle that problem when I start working from home. But I have posted every [...]

Stumbling into Staff Writing


I never planned to become a staff writer. At the time, I had just been blogging for 4 months and was realizing there was money to be made through advertising. I was also throwing myself into the new Yakezie blogging forums like a crack addict – I mean imagine, a whole forum full of [...]

My Big Push Schedule


Let me start off by saying that the schedule I am talking about below is ONLY useful in small increments and WILL LEAD TO BURNOUT if you try to make it into a normal thing. I only got this busy within the last 4-6 weeks and will only push myself this hard until I [...]

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